The Funeral Show: a great show, a great story.

I got hired to clean out a funeral parlor that went out of business. There is a plot twist. Lots of great footage and weird, creepy
implements. Hosted by Jamie DeWolf with performances by
Freddi Price, Benjamin Wachs, Dr. Hal Robins, Ben Burke and more! 

Thanks to the Rosbergs for sponsoring our Spotlight this week!

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Jamie DeWolf monologue and opening greeting
Benjamin Wachs sings St. James Infirmary
Kate Brehm does a fantastic dance as a fluff
Mongoloid & Janette do Nicols and May comedy skit! Very funny!
Hal Robins reads
Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Gray
Mirage-a-Trois great costumes and sultry suggestions
Freddi Price “Little Black Train Coming”
Ben Burke
Hal Robins reading from the book of Job
Freddi Price sings My Funeral
Benjamin Wachs sings True Religion
Freddi Price sings Death of a Clown by the Kinks
Mortician does a mock embalming using a live model.
Super funny and weird!