Chicken John Rinaldi

Lets make dreams come true with Cocktail Syrups!

Five reasons you should give $20 RIGHT NOW to this Kickstarter:

#1) They are your friends. They are trying to do a hard thing and you should help them

#2) You want a bottle of their concoction. For $20 you get a bottle their cocktail syrup. I’ll bet it’s yummy and free range organic and all that crap.

#3) The companies that sell the national brands of syrups are un-ethical monsters like Nestle and Mars. You LOVE that someone is challenging them.

#4) It’s their dream. You love making dreams come true. That’s why you signed up on my list!

#5) They are idiots and ended their Kickstarter at 7:00 in the morning (tomorrow). It’s almost 4:00 on Wednesday and they are like 85% of the way funded and desperately need a push!

Today resisting the Trump Agenda is with motherfucking cocktails syrups! There, I said it!

…..and thank you chicken