Chicken John Rinaldi

No voter guide this year, instead read this

So usually I do a voter guide. Talk about all the candidates and tell you what I know. I'm not going to do that this year. Instead, I'm going to tell you what I am doing right now to make the world better (in politics, anyway)

Give this woman money RIGHT NOW: If Donald Trump makes you want to go look at how much houses cost in New Zeland, give her money. She will make a bunch of Trump drama help to further incite the civil war that is coming to this country.

Give this guy money RIGHT NOW: If Ted Cruz makes you wanna puke forever filling the entire world with your vomit give money to Beto and MAKE TED CRUZ UNHAPPY.

Give this guy $27 RIGHT NOW: Remind Bernie you love him. Get in the habit of giving him money!

And no matter what happens here locally remember that San Francisco only works when people like Ed Lee, Willie Brown, London Breed and all the other moderate idiots are stopped by a progressive board. So vote for Matt Haney so London day gets ruined day after day after day.

In 2020 we will have the first election that Millenials will be the majority of potential voters. They will be predominantly progressive and not really interested in Capitalism a-la Jeff Bezos etc... Give money directly to candidates, NEVER to the DCC and when they start talking about Joe Biden (who is like 3 years older than Bernie) SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN.

When you plug your nose and vote for Gavin for Governor, please remember that I have video of him running away from a singing telegram.

kisses, chicken