Spotlight on Bawdy Storytelling

So… I used to walk on a guy for money. Prostitution? Maybe.

Pedophilia? Nah. He had no clue I was only 16! 

It’s a New York Story, one of many… Enjoy!!!

That video was taken in 2011, at a thing called Bawdy Storytelling. For 20 years Dixie De La Tour, Sexual Folklorist, has been relentlessly doing this show. From the humblest of beginnings in the Cataclismic Meagasheer Ranch warehouse, to some of the best theaters in the country, to a popular podcast reaching the four corners of our cruel world.

Dixie has turned telling dirty stories into cultural category! 

The evenings are usually organized and focused around a theme. And they can be very very funny. Especially so when told by people who aern’t show people. Somehow, it’s better. You can kinda tell when someone is a comic or whatever. The stories aren’t about breaking a bed in a hotel room or the time you met someone at a party and fucked them in the cab on the way home (everybody does that, right?). The stories are sublime. Hilarious. Risky. Unbelievable. And cute. It’s all surprisingly cute. 

There are teeth too, for sure. Normalizing fetish, liquifying stigmas, empowering people who may have been beaten down by trauma or abuse… this is good work the world needs to do. Fuck, it’s work I need to do… 

Who loves Dixie? Well I do. I’m in good company, Oprah does too:

I’ve done Bawdy twice. One is the video above. The other time I didn’t tell the story of that time I fucked Sandra Bernhardt. For money. 

So cheers to you, Dixie. And all the storytellers you facilitate.  Every show you do helps usher in a new renaissance of art and innovation! 

Throw her a bone, maybe… she’s on Patreon. I gotta admit, it’s the best Patreon page I’ve ever seen. Go read her page there. Bet ya can’t click away without giving her something…