We were a circus. At times there were 30 people in the troupe. But that was at the beginning of the year, when we were moving towards the East Coast. Now after three weeks in NYC, August is here. We left in May.

We are heading back across. There are eight of us. We don’t have enough show. So. We made a puppet show out of things we found in a dumpster. Later, we made a video of it. With inferior puppeteers, but whatever.

That video is here:

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But what is great is the music. Which is here:

You can listen to the songs here, at, where it’s free (or you can pay, if you love it).


The video features cameos from:

Vanessa Kumerlie

Don Herron

Michael Mikal (Danger Ranger)

Ed Holmes (Bishop Joey)

Doug Wellman

Hal Robins

John Law

Annie Coulter

The music was recorded at Kommotion by Jeff Mann. He did a great job. We were so proud of the music, and still are! 

We lovingly made the puppets and the sets and just loved every minute of writing it, building it, and performing it. So much so, we did the show the next year as well. We did the show over 100 times! This would be 1997. Hard to imaging that 23 years have gone by… 

Here are some credits!

drums    Bruce Duchenaux

Vox    Danny and Chicken

Bass  Danny and Chicken

Guitar     Chicken

Sax        Angie

additional vox   Jeff Manns’ girlfriend

Produced and engineered for free by Jeff Mann

lyrics written by Dannygirl

music written by 

Wanderlust    Danny

The Desert Song   Danny

HOK Chicken with Marc Rentzer 

Boomerang    Chicken with Chuck Clearwater

Digereedon’t    Jarico

Lullabye       Danny